The Desert Inn  
1950 Xmas

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The Desert Inn had originally been built around 1946 and was known as the Highway 30 Station.  At the time it was a gas station and continued to have pumps until 1983.  Over the years there were many transformations.  A trucker’s lounge was built off to the side with various amenities, and the station became the Hwy 30 Truck Stop.  The main building was extended to include a small dining room, convenience store, and kitchen.  At one time there were punchboards and slot machines.  When thievery and cheating became too much of a problem, living quarters were built in the area that is now the main dining room.  There was a two-way mirror that allowed the owner Orville Made, to keep an eye on things, greatly reducing problems.  Earle and Mary Stone bought Stoney’s Desert Inn in 1961 beginning the current history of the D.I.  Mary Stone managed and owned the business until 2009 when it became Carlos' Mexican Restaurant.
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