Constrasts in Gray  
1950 Xmas

Print Pricing

12"x16" - $90 +tax

14"x18" - $105 +tax

18"x24" - $135 +tax

Artist Proofs
18"x24" - $175 +tax

Discount pricing is available when ordering 4 or more prints. Call Marcus of Lionheart Studios at (208)587-0995 or send him an email for more information.
I went to our neighborhood corner market after a light rain shower and noticed the oil spots with their rainbows of color.  The sight moved me so strongly that I rushed home and got my camera.  After taking as many pictures as I could I stored the pictures and waited.  It wasn’t until I was doing research for “Reflections of America” that my wife, Debie, spotted the small Aplomado Falcon on a ledge at the World Center Birds of Prey.  She looked at it and knew at once that we had just found the bird that I wanted to paint on the cement block with the oil spots nearby.
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