Basque Shepherd  
1950 Xmas

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There is a rich Basque culture in Mountain Home where I grew up.  After having spent much of my childhood and adult life observing and interacting with this wonderful heritage, I felt it was important to capture the positive aspects of their earlier lives in the area.  Too many times the focus has been on the loneliness of the Basques, while cowboys were heroized.  The Basque sheepherders performed a job quite similar without any of the glory.  The foothills of Bennet Mountain can be seen behind my shepherd, where a friend Domingo Aqirri used to camp.  While capturing research pictures I found myself in the middle of nowhere standing in a canyon.  My car was at least a mile away and the pictures I was taking were so valuable that I didn’t give a thought to the growing darkness and continued to photograph.  While darkness fell, I found myself having to sprint out to avoid being caught in total darkness in a rocky canyon with no flashlight.
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